Did You know, that only seventeen state capitals rank as the largest city in their respective state?

However, larger populations don't always translate into a better quality of life. Which was one of the indicators used in the study, according to wallethub.

Other factors that helped determine the best capital cities to live in were:

1. Economic stability

2.Quality of education and health

3.Quality of life

4. Probably the most important factor, Affordability.

Cheyenne received a # 1 in the ranking of affordability, a  # 6, in economic stability. Which is great, considering we're in the middle of an economic downturn. Although, some sectors are beginning to see growth.

Quality of life and health & education are ranked at # 37. There obviously could be some improvement in these areas. Altogether these numbers helped secure the # 10 spot on the list for Cheyenne.

By the way, our friends in the Mile High City, Denver, Colorado is ranked at # 11.

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