After many votes, some smack talk, and a lot of taste testing, we have concluded who has the best Mexican food in Cheyenne.

Last week, in honor of Cinco De Mayo, we posted the poll question on our website. 

Here's how the final vote shook out:

  1. Guadalajara 33%
  2. Tortilla Factory 25%
  3. Rodolfos 11%
  4. Casa De Trujillo 6%
  5. El Charrito 5%
  6. Estevan's Cafe 5%
  7. Taco John's 3%
  8. Casa 3%
  9. Qdoba 3%
  10. Chipotle 1%

We also allowed voters to enter their own favorite place, here's what we received in that category.

Hacienda Guadalajara

Taqueria Mexican Mi Tierra

Taqueria Mexicana


Inside gas station across from the air guard. Coop says this is the place

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