Friday afternoon, a teenage driver crashed into the Petco store on Dell Range. Luckily, nobody was injured. The incident is the latest in a long line of Cheyenne motorists driving into buildings.

Here's a look back at five of the craziest crashes here in the Capital City.

Doug Randall, Townsquare Media

Just last month, a drunk driver lost control of his SUV, hit another car, crossed a median and plunged into the wall of the Destiny Church. Luckily, he also took out a fence before crashing into the church, otherwise the damage could have been worse.

Cheyenne Police Department

Last fall, another drunk driver was cruising down Lincolnway, when he run off the road and careened right through the front door of the Family Dollar store. The 20-year-old, who was arrested for DUI and marijuana possession looked pretty proud of himself in the mug shot.

Amy Richards, Townsquare Media

In 2011, a car pulled out of the Burger King restaurant on Lincolnway, sideswiping an oncoming vehicle. Unfortunately, that vehicle bounced off the car and ended plowing into the dining room. Luckily, no serious injuries were reported.

Jason Miller, Getty Images

Although it wasn't technically a "crash", famous football coach and sports announcer John Madden was involved in an interesting incident. While travelling through Cheyenne in the late '90s, Madden decided to drop in for a bite at the Burger Inn on Pershing. According to legend, his trademark 'Madden Cruiser' got stuck in the drive through.

John Gichigi, Getty Images

Another bizarre accident took place last year in Fort Collins, when an 89 year old woman crashed into the Chipper’s Lanes Bowling Alley before her Cadillac finally came to rest inside the woman's bathroom.