I love coffee - seriously, you should see my collection. Espresso machine, check. Drip coffee, check. French press, absolutely. But honestly, there's nothing like having someone else make a fresh cup of joe for me. So yes, I love coffee shops almost as much as I love coffee.

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And guess what? Cheyenne is getting another coffee shop! We've certainly got an abundance of them, from national franchises like Starbucks and the Human Bean to local shops like the Paramount and Crooked Cup. Our selection of java has grown again, thanks to the arrival of another Ziggi's Coffee - coming soon to Cheyenne!

Ziggi's Coffee Expands Its Cheyenne Presence

Ziggi's on Yellowstone is one of my fave places for a dirty chai latte - I mean, chai tea plus espresso? Yuuum. So, I'm definitely down for another one to open. The newest Ziggi's is under construction at 1920 Thomes Ave in Downtown Cheyenne. It's right across the street from the Civic Center in Western Vista Federal Credit Union.

When Will Ziggi's Coffee Open?

The coffee shop hasn't announced its projected open date yet, but the location's Facebook page is keeping everyone informed on building updates. Right now, it looks like this Ziggi's will be more of a traditional coffee shop - sans Drive-Thru - and with more space. It looks like there may even be enough room for a few tables so visitors can sit back and enjoy their beverages. Check out the photos from the Facebook post below:

What Does Ziggi's Coffee Serve?

The Ziggi's menu features uniquely flavored lattes, blended coffees, and Red Bull infusions, and even has a dedicated Kids Menu (my son loves the Shark Bite Slushy.) You can explore Ziggi's menu by clicking here.

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