Have you visited a car wash lately?

During this nice stretch of warm weather, lines at local car washes have grown as have the drastic differences between the clean vehicles and the really dirty ones. 

Right in my own driveway I noticed a big difference between my daughter's shiny clean car and mine, streaked with dirt and road salt stains. Then while driving to work, it was blatantly obvious on the road which vehicles had been to a car wash and which hadn't.

While parking in the ANB lot in downtown Cheyenne, there was definitely a distinction between the beautiful sparkling cars and the filthy ones. The owners of the clean vehicles probably dread having these ugly, dirty cars next to them fearing the mess may spread.

During the winter months, it is important to wash the road salt off your vehicles to help prevent rust buildup and scratches. How big of a priority do you make keeping your car clean?