Where do you like to get your car washed in Cheyenne?

There are lots of car washes around Cheyenne to choose from, automated and hand washing bays all around town, which is your favorite?

Car Wash Gone on Ridge Rd by Mike Rorabeck, Townsquare Media

There's one less to choose from, the car washing bays at Ridge Road and Dell Range have been torn down. No official word yet on whether they are planning to rebuild.

One of the most popular car washes in Cheyenne is the relatively new Breeze Thru Car Wash on Dell Range. It's an automated car wash with several cleaning options and I like the multiple spaces for unlimited vacuuming.

There are also numerous car washing bays all over the city. Which ones do you use?

  • Wash N Go Car Wash-711 S. Greeley Hwy
  • Magic Car Wash-220 W. Carlson
  • D T's Car Washes-2514 Dell Range and 3007 E. Nationway
  • Cleansing Waters Car Wash-1621 Snyder Ave.
  • Big D Exxon Car Washes-100 N. Greeley Hwy and 2029 Dell Range
  • Fast Car Wash-810 E. Lincolnway
  • Stag Convenience Corner Car Wash-5923 Yellowstone Rd.

Does anyone still wash their cars at home with the hose and a bucket?