Cheyenne has a new plan to fix potholes, they're calling Domino's. The city sent a letter to the popular restaurant chain last week, asking for help through the Paving For Pizza campaign.

"We'd love to fix all of the potholes ourselves, but there's just too many this year," Cheyenne Public Works spokesman Jerry Gergich admitted. "We simply don't have the resources to repair the streets, so we're hoping that Domino's can send support."

Since launching the Paving for Pizza promotional campaign last year, Domino's has helped repair streets in 33 states. Their website pledges to fill potholes in every state and includes a map that claims Wyoming will be "paving soon".

Gergich says the City has not received an official reply from Domino's after sending the request last week. His letter cited the severity of the situation in Cheyenne.

"If Domino's can't repair our streets, we worry that their delivery drivers will soon need off-road vehicles," Gergich pleaded. "At this point, we're practically begging them. Please, Domino's, we need you."

Happy April Fool's Day.


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