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Yeah, I'm not going to be a jerk and talk about how awesome the latest Spider-Man is and spoil every part of it. I've gotten irritated seeing merchandise that spoils stuff on social media. I mean, I saw it Thursday on opening night, so I avoided spoilers. But it's like, "Come on, bro" a lot of people still haven't seen it, though it's now the 3 biggest movie of all time.

After the past two years of not really having any big movies in theaters, I had a feeling the new Spidey movie would be big. A couple of weeks before the debut of the new Marvel/Sony adventure was to release, tickets went on sale for the new film. I went ahead and pre-ordered tickets at WyoMovie's Club 21 in Cheyenne. I've never preordered tickets for a movie before, so mentally, I was ready for a new experience.

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If you've not gotten to watch a movie at WyoMovie's Club 21 theaters, you're missing out. Now, you have to specifically buy tickets to the Club 21 theaters when you're ordering your tickets, once you do that, you'll follow the hallway all the way to the other end of the building. They have a handful of theaters on this end, their own concessions, and restrooms. These theaters are for people 21 and up only.

Now is it making more sense why this experience is so much better? I'm not going to be disparaging to families, but to see a Marvel film with ONLY other adults, no children, tweens or teens, is incredible. The theater was quiet. The stadium-style chairs were so comfy. It was an amazing experience where you could really just let go and enjoy a film.

I'd give my Spider-Man experience at Club 21 a 10/10, and that's not including how I felt about the film!

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