UPDATE: The Lincoln theater will revert back to a music venue. See that story HERE.

Original post:

The last time you saw a movie at the Lincoln Theater in downtown Cheyenne could be the last time you see a movie at the Lincoln Theater.

The historic Lincoln Theater, at 1615 Central Ave, was built in the 1930s and has many memories for Cheyenne residents, as reflected in the announcement and comments on WyoMovies Facebook page yesterday.

“Our lease on the Lincoln Movie Theaters ends today, Thursday, May 10, which we be our last day of operation.

We are grateful to have served over two million guests during the time that we have leased this historic theatre.

The owner of the theatre building will soon have an exciting announcement about the future of the Lincoln. Don’t worry, the building will not be torn down – it will be a great asset for downtown Cheyenne."

Sadly, no more discounted second run movies and $2 Tuesdays from WyoMovies at the Lincoln Theater. New owners should be announced soon.

Darcy posted: “Wyomovies... how about the Cole shopping center theater for the next cheap seats??”

Charles wrote “Very sad to hear this. I know of many people with many memories of that theatre growing up here in Cheyenne.” And, “I was wondering what you will do with the posters and photographs on display at the theatre? Will there be an auction? If so, for instance I would very much love to have the James Cagney photograph hanging on the left side of the entrance as well as the Titanic poster for my girlfriend. Just a thought. Can’t wait to see what you all do to it either way.”

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