Last week Cheyenne was served a reminder that the only constant is change. This, in the form of a Lincoln Theater notice that discount movies would end, but that something new was coming.

Since 1929, The Lincoln Theater has had a history of changes with its next phase moving forward, into the past, by returning it to being a music venue again. Because Cheyenne needs this.

 “The Lincoln was once a hub of nightlife, art, vibrancy, and connections among the people in the community. Together we can make it that again.”

Jonathan Torney via Facebook
Jonathan Torney via Facebook

Believing the theater can return to being the heart of a vibrant music scene with connections that will enhance Cheyenne as a destination and place for young people who want to stay in Cheyenne.

Theater owners Jon & Renee Jelinek are founders of the Alternative Arts Project which gives teens access to nontraditional arts instruction such as guitar and drum lessons. They recognize the potential for healthy growth in conjunction with Fridays in The Asher and the new direction of the Cheyenne Civic Center. They are also the owners of The Paramount CafeThe Paramount BallroomThe Second Floor at The ParamountThe Majestic Building.

“We have a strong dedication and commitment to downtown Cheyenne and making it a vibrant place, full of activity and full of reasons for people to love living here. We are so excited about this new piece of history being built!”

-Jon & Renee Jelinek

Good luck with this next phase for the venerable Lincoln Theater. May it serve all of us well.

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