Coke to introduce LIFE and Pepsi TRUE. Pepsi product will be introduced on Amazon. The battle of the green cans is on. 

Coke has spent billions linking its brand to the color red. Red labels on its bottles. Red logos in its ads. And, of course, its iconic red cans. But it's recently begun selling a new product dubbed Coca-Cola Life in bottles with green labels in limited parts of the Southern U.S. For Coca-Cola Life, green is the new red. We hope this isn't another debacle like "New Coke" was.

PepsiCo on Wednesday announced on its website plans to roll out Pepsi True in mid-October on the e-commerce site The beverage is made with sugar and stevia (a sweetener made from stevia leaf extract) and contains about 30% fewer calories than regular Pepsi. This product is also being marketed in a green can. Won't be any confusion here.


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