Eloping to Colorado is a very popular thing for couples these days for many reasons. You can add having your elopement photo shoot crashed by baby mountain goats to that list thanks to a brand new video share.

The couple decided they would christen their new marriage with a Colorado hike and then photo shoot. Here's how they described it:

Some furry friends crashed this mountaintop Colorado elopement! How cute are they?! And we're not just talking about the wedding crashers! This outdoorsy and adventurous couple decided that the best way to elope would be after a 13-mile hike to the top of a mountain in Vail, Colorado - and that they did!

Thanks to the ending, this might just be my favorite elopement video of the year and it only takes 23 seconds of your time. Enjoy.

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This inspired one person on YouTube to see the mini-goats as a sign:

Tanja - "Congratulations.... ❄️ Absolutely breathtaking..the mountain goats..❄️ very precious as if their blessing the Union"

You're a true softy, Tanja. I didn't realize mountain goats had the ability to bless unions...until now.

The names of the happy couple weren't shared in the video, but they seem like sweet people and I can only hope their new life together will be as fun and unique as this baby mountain goat elopement photo shoot.

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