What makes a state think it's better than anyone else? Ask Colorado as they were named one of the top 10 snobbiest states in America.

What kind of mad science was used to determine who's all uppity? Several sources actually although I've based this off of mad blogging genius Nick Johnson from Homesnacks. He even made a hilarious video to go along with his article. Colorado gets roasted right at the beginning.

"Colorado has snobby hippies, that's snippies for short"

"Face it. If you live in Aspen, you remind everyone that you live in Aspen."

Classic. Nick actually shared his snobby insights on Homesnacks last year, but I'm just now seeing it. Probably because I'm such a common man. Here are the metrics that Nick baked into his snobby ranking:

Home Prices
Farmers Markets Per Capita
Adults With A College Degree
Colleges Per Capita
Private Schools Per Capita

Here's the snobby map if you're keeping score at home.


Sounds about right. If Lexus dealerships were included, Colorado would likely be #1.

It's interesting to me that Oregon made the list. I have friends from Oregon who are pretty down to earth. I would say "earthy", but that kinda makes them sound like they don't shower - which is true.

California being considered snobby probably only applies to the bigger city folk. I have California people I know who aren't metro who are actually quite nice. For the record, they do shower.

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