The Colorado Rockies start the 2018 season today and next week at their home opener, we get to try a new lineup of ballpark food that's sure to be a home run.

Baseball season to me is so incredibly nostalgic. I spent a lot of time at ball fields growing up between my two brothers playing and my obsession with softball. I love the sound of the crack of a bat or a runner sliding into home. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and of course, whatever is cooking on the grill at the concession stand.

Can we bottle that goodness?

Today is Opening Day for Major League Baseball and while teams are working off the rust of the offseason, I'll be heading straight to the concession stand. Coors Field, the home of the Colorado Rockies, cooks up some pretty stellar dishes which makes waiting until the Rockies home opener on April 6 that much harder. In the meantime, we'll just drool all over our screens in anticipation of our road trip.

This year, according to the Coloradoan, there are five new dishes to try.

Mile High Mac-N-Cheese - A loaded macaroni and cheese with green chili, crumbled chorizo and pico de gallo. Talk about a southwestern dream!

Rocky Mountain Po'boy - It's a breaded Rocky Mountain oyster sandwich topped with guacamole, garlic slaw, green chili ranch, pico de gallo, and cotija cheese. Think a mountain man married a southern belle.

Chicken and Purple Slaw Taco - A tribute to the purple the Rockies sport, this is a chicken taco with salsa verde and purple slaw, served in a flour tortilla.

Rockies Fritters - Purple berry fritters that have been deep fried and doused in a sweet rum glaze. To class it up, its garnished with silver and purple edible pearls.

Triple Play Dog - It's a classic hot dog served with Carolina-style pulled pork, purple slaw, and bacon bits on top. A meeting of the minds in the meat department.

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