Not only is it mundane, but it is one of the most irritating sites on the internet. It has an irritating animated lawnmower icon that follows your mouse everywhere on the screen. It also has a synthesizer version of the Theme From Rocky that launches as soon as the window opens. But the reward for you putting up with the crap, is watching grass grow. And millions are watching. When I logged on this morning, Monday, June 19, 128 people were logged on with me. has a live webcam feed that takes a fresh picture every two seconds and has been catching fire lately.

Seems people all over the world are watching the now 10 year old live stream that sometimes features home and website owner Alek Komarnitsky actually mowing his lawn.

There was a time the feed saw someone stop, run up the driveway and steal his news paper. But it’s usually less active, though Alek does spice up the feed once in a while. Its all in fun.

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