There are lots of options for things to do on the internet. You can chat with friends, read news or you could stare at a live stream of this gorgeous Wyoming ranch anytime you want.

Out of some type of dumb luck, I stumbled across of this live view of the Heart Six Ranch located near the Tetons.

Based on the conversations that happen with the live stream, I'm not the only person who has spent way too much time watching the world go by through this stream. Here's one comment I saw just the other day.

Lexi Anne - ​*gets up and cleans house*

I feel your pain. Why would a Wyoming ranch throw up a live stream of their gate view? A lot of people who see how beautiful this part of Wyoming is might just make a reservation and pay them a visit. Great marketing.

They also provide a view of the road if you prefer that.

A YouTube channel that shares horse content did a fairly long feature about what Heart Six Ranch is all about.

There are worse ways to burn time on the internet than staring at life as it passes by a Wyoming ranch. I'll take this over fighting over political issues on Facebook any day.

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