A partial lunar eclipse happens tonight, Aug 7/8, 2017. Why doesn’t Wyoming seem to care? The number one reason may be that it can’t be viewed in North America. And that’s a good enough reason for most of us not to care at all, what with a solar event that is coming here on Aug. 21.

Never mind that lasts only two and a half minutes, and tonight's event last many times longer. Did you know that a solar eclipse happens about two weeks before or after a lunar eclipse? On some occasions, a lunar eclipse can both precede and follow a solar eclipse.

This partial lunar eclipse will only be visible from most parts of South and East Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia, but will live stream here.

If you are very interested in all things eclispses, you'll love  timeanddate.com, that is unless if you’re an astronomy geek who already knows all about this great tool. You'll just have to forgive that choice of words about Wyoming not really caring.

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