If you didn't already know, bears can open car doors easily. One Colorado woman learned this when she found a bear in her car that seemed to almost be daring her to let it out.

This happened in Como, Colorado. Como is located more or less in the middle of the Colorado wilderness to the southwest of Denver. Here's part of how the lady described what she found:

For the second time in 2 months, a bear got into my car and the door closed behind it. The door was unlocked and I had been cleaning the interior, and went indoors to make a phone call. I just got off the phone, when I heard my car horn honking. I looked out the window and there was a bear sitting in the driver's seat, honking the horn as if to say, 'Get me out of here!'

Here's what happened. Watch the bear bite the inside of the door when it sees the lady almost daring her to let it out.

She was smart. Opening the back hatch then retreating to her deck where she could get inside quickly if needed was a good call. The bear seemed happy to escape into the woods once given freedom.

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