I love live music, especially at a world class venue like Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado. I don't mind the two hour drive from Cheyenne to get there. The problem for me is getting up the next morning and being somewhat coherent and clearheaded to host a radio show.

There was a time when i would sacrifice my sleep and sanity for a good concert. But these days, I get up way early to get all of my prep done for a show and I have found that when I make an exception, of which there are many I could make, I end up paying for a night out for one or two more days.

Jackson Browne will be on stage tonight at Red Rocks with a performance that starts at 7:30 and with the concert, encores, traffic, road buzz and time to wind down after the show and road trip, I guess I'll just apologize in advance for tomorrow's show. I might be a bit fuzzy.