Wyoming is learning fast about cool sculpting. Right now that’s our state's most googled plastic surgery. Cool sculpting is a more harmless way to refer to fat freezing. And it's just easier to say than Cryolipolysis.

But is it really harmless? In Yahoo Answers, it's described as "as risky as any other fat removal" technique. Maybe that's what all the searching is about - assessing risk. The cool sculpting people do advise talking to a doctor first.

The treated area turns more smooth and toned while frozen fat works its way out of the body. Most say there’s a cold sensation and a little pressure. That seems no more painful than Wyoming winters when we can definitely freeze our butts off. Otherwise, during 60 minute treatments people just read or catch up on emails.

See more about how it works at freezeawayloosefat.com. For the plastic surgery each state is googling most frequently, a map of all 50 states is here.