If we were to ever get any wind in Wyoming, this would be a kite that I would love to fly. This one made by Feng Tsan Huang, Amazing kite seen at Rezzato kite festival in Lombardy, Italy. It may have operated by a French man with a long white beard. Could it have be Gandalf?

Cody, Wyoming had a Kite Festival last Easter. WYOMING Kite Festival at Butch Cassidy's prison grounds in June of 2012.  American Kitefliers Association had an outing scheduled in 2014 for Jackson Hole, but that was cancelled. I would think there would be more of these celebrations of wind, like the Kite festival, Laramie WY

With the occasional winds we get in Wyoming, why is it we don't have a consistent kite festival? I would think that if properly promoted and executed, we could get people from around the world. But that's just me thinking that Wyoming gets enough wind. Sounds to me like opportunity. Where would the best location be?

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