There are some serious benefits of riding a bike, that include getting exercise and saving money on gas. Regular unleaded gas in Casper is around $3.40 (depending on where you go). I have a 35 gallon tank on my truck...if I let it get to 'E' (which I never do) that's about $119 to fill up my truck. Now I can drive on 35 gallons quite a while as long as I don't drive anywhere else but work.

I live about 2.3 miles from work, why am I not riding a bicycle? I have NEVER been so interested in buying a bike than I am now. As long as there isn't snow and ice on the ground, I think it would be a good idea. Spend a little big of money on a bike now and save money at the pump. Riding a bike nearly 5 miles a day sounds like a healthy way to go. Has that been something you've been thinking of?

Searching around the internet looking for what bike would be best for me, I came across a list of the 12 best 'ELECTRIC' Bike Options! Wait a second, I can save money on gas and not get overly tired or sweaty riding the hills of Casper? I knew they were a thing, but I also never thought I'd be able to afford one. Looking at the list of options, they are a bit pricey and some of them are nearly $10,000, but I also found some for around $500. If I wasn't being lazy, I could spend a couple hundred dollars and save lots of money.

If buying a bike is something you've been thinking about, we have great bike shops all over the Casper area. They can spend a few minutes with you and find exactly what works for you. They'll take into consideration your budget, abilities, desires, needs and fit you for the bike that will be perfect for you.

If you wonder how they match you to a bike here is a guide to help you find the perfect bike and a video giving you the lowdown on getting the right size. If you do get a bike, let us know how the process is and what you get!

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