Two people were arrested late Friday after an alleged attack at the Parkway Plaza turned into an 'action-hero type' fight in a truck as it drove down Center Street.

Travis Parazoo was booked on a charge of assault and battery, while Kayla Parazoo was taken into custody for domestic battery.

Court documents say Casper police officers were called to speak with a man after an assault was reported at the Parkway Plaza.

The victim told officers that his ex-wife, Kayla Parazoo, was in town with her husband Travis for an annual dart tournament at the Parkway Plaza. The Parazoos live in Riverton, and the victim got in touch with Kayla Parazoo in an effort to see their son.

"After a telephone exchange of unpleasantries," the affidavit says, the victim drove over to the Parkway Plaza.

When he arrived, he was allegedly attacked by Kayla Parazoo. She allegedly charged the victim's pickup truck, jumped onto the running board and began punching the driver's window. Once the window was down about six inches, Parazoo reportedly reached in and scratched the victim's face while shouting obscenities.

The victim told police he drove off as Travis Parazoo and others began running toward the pickup.

As he drove off, the victim reportedly realized that Travis had jumped into the bed of his pickup and started punching the truck's rear window as the victim began driving south on Center Street towards the police station.

Parazoo allegedly threw things out of the truck's bed. Then, near Center and B Street, the victim realized that Parazoo had reportedly crawled into the truck from the rear passenger door while the truck was moving.

Once inside the truck, Travis Parazoo allegedly hit the victim at least twice in the right side of his face as the victim was driving.

When the pair reached the police station, the victim jumped out of the truck. Parazoo allegedly followed suit, but the victim jumped back in the truck and drover off.

The victim reportedly did not recover any of his tools at the time of the initial report, saying he'd try to get them back another time.

Police photographed the victim's injuries, which included scratches on his left cheek and swelling to his right cheek and right ear, court documents say. Police reportedly noted evidence on the truck which was consistent with the victim's story.

The victim reportedly used his cell phone to capture an audio recording of the entire incident. Police note in court documents that the audio is consistent with the victim's account.

Two officers went to the Parkway and interviewed the Parazoos as they lay together in bed.

Both Travis and Kayla Parazoo were evasive during the interview, court documents say. When an officer began to point out discrepancies in their story, the pair reportedly admitted to the altercation taking place.

According to the affidavit, Travis Parazoo eventually admitted to "the Center Street truck surfing" and the "action-hero type transition into the back seat."

However, Travis reportedly denied ever punching the victim. Police noted swelling to Travis' right hand, which he reportedly told police was from punching the truck's rear window, not the victim.

A booking photo of Kayla Parazoo was not immediately available Tuesday.

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