Last I checked, burglars don't roar.

Living in our area, wildlife encounters are inevitable. After all, we share this earth with them. Wild animals can be found on a hike, on a road trip, or even in your backyard.

The rule however, remains the same... keep your distance.

As much as I love bears, I will never get close to one. I will continue to visit these wonderful creatures at the zoo or other wildlife habitats. However, invading their natural habitat is just not for me.

But I secretly hope there are animals in heaven and I get to cuddle with a bear.

Have you ever encountered a bear? What did you do? Were you scared?

Bear encounters are not limited to our area or even our nation. In fact, there are bears all over the globe, including Italy. Recently a couple encountered a bear on the balcony of their home.

But they didn't think it was a bear.

At first, they thought it was an intruder. From what I can tell from the Facebook post, the couple heard noises on the balcony in the middle of the night. Assuming it was a burglar, they sprang into action to defend their turf.

They both ran onto the balcony. The women shouted "Who's there?!" And just like you would see in the movies, her answer was an angry bear roaring in her face.

" the weak light of my phone I managed to count every tooth in my mouth plus a red tongue..."

From there it sounds like she ran back into the house, but her husband chose to jump off of the balcony. It's wasn't a terrible fall, but he did sustain some injuries. Thankfully, the bear also took off.

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