Cheyenne Firefighters aren't letting the coronavirus slow down their efforts to improve the lives of those living with neuromuscular disease.

Like they have for more than 60 years, firefighters will be filling the boot for the Muscular Dystrophy Association this Labor Day weekend, just in a different way.

"Unfortunately and sadly for us, we will not be at our normal storefronts to say hello to our community," said Derek Pollnow, coordinator of the Cheyenne Firefighters MDA efforts. "We'll kick off this Labor Day weekend with a virtual 'Fill the Boot' drive."

Pollnow says the fundraiser will carry on throughout the year, with events such as rooftop rescues, Facebook push-up challenges and car washes.

Cheyenne Firefighters are also planning on holding their annual chili cook-off, but Polnow says "planning and execution will remain very fluid and dynamic."

"We must put public safety first and continue to do our part with hindering the spread of COVID-19," he said.

Those wishing to help "Fill the Boot" can do so by visiting


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