The Erie Police Department (EPD) is warning the public about the danger of coyotes after one took a local homeowner's dog.

According to The Greeley Tribune, the incident occurred around 3:30 a.m. on Monday (July 13), when a coyote got into a woman's backyard, located on Briggs Street in Erie, and took her dog.

When the woman tried to stop the animal, it scratched her.

The EPD revealed in a Facebook post that the department is currently working with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and Weld County Public Health to find the animal.

The post noted that coyote attacks on humans are rare, but offered the following tips for avoiding the animals:

  • do not feed coyotes
  • remove pet food, water sources, fallen fruit, and bird feeders from yards
  • secure trash cans and enclose gardens/compost piles
  • reduce hiding places by trimming vegetation
  • secure yards with a 6-foot privacy fence
  • supervise pets outside, especially at dusk and dawn
  • do not leave pets outside after dark

If you do run into a coyote, try to scare it away by yelling, spraying it with water, or throwing rocks or sticks at it. If you have a small pet with you, be sure to pick it up.

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