Coyotes tripping on hallucinogenic mushrooms is one explanation experts are giving for some strange incidents in the North Bay of Bolinas, California..

According to the Pacific Sun, a coyote has reportedly been jumping onto Highway 1 in the Bolinas area in the dead of night and staring down cars. The coyote then sniffs around the car before running back into the brush.

“It’s a terrifying, yet beautiful thing to behold,” said one of the drivers who was confronted by a coyote.

Wildlife officials have already ruled out rabies, as the incidents have been going on longer than an animal infected with the virus is expected to live. The odd occurances have been happening for at least the past three weeks.

Because of the presence of the fly agaric mushroom – a fungus with hallucinogenic properties – in the area, officials are floating the “high” coyote idea as one explanation for the strange incidents.

Other explanations, like people feeding coyotes leading to decreased fear of humans, have also been put forth by wildlife officials.