We all love stories like this, right? It's a real "whodunit" situation when you look at the evidence of what this Park Ranger really experienced. There are plenty of explanations that we could come up with, but we weren't in his ranger boots, so it's a little more difficult to make that call on our end.

A Park Ranger in Wyoming told stories of supernatural/paranormal situations that they had encountered on their watch in the Tetons.

Here, check it out for yourself, the first story comes from a ranger in Idaho, but the next is from the Wyoming Park Ranger.

The story about the tree falling over is pretty creepy. I mean, there are millions of reasons it could have happened. My thought, since they mentioned he was cleaning up brush from a bad wind storm, maybe the tree was weak already and gravity just tipped it over. But, the way the ranger described it, that sounds a little out of the ordinary.

The dismembered mountain lion was a little on the unnerving side. The head of the mountain lion on a rock makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. There's no way that was a coincidence.

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The last story was something that I never heard of being popular in our national parks. The ranger stumbled upon a site of a satanic ritual. I had no idea that this was popular in parks. They mentioned that it's not unusual to find that and that his coworker wouldn't go near that part of the backcountry.

Woof, enjoy this creepy Monday morning wake-up!

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