Isn't this miniature donkey cute? She is, but she can carry the load when it comes to healing the special needs population such as kids with Down’s Syndrome and Autism. Cheyenne Therapeutic Equestrian Center also does physical therapy on horseback and they have many other services. They also have a great veteran’s program helping with PTSD and other disabilities.

So to keep them on the trail, We made CTEC the recipient of funding for our Thankful Thursday at Amvets Post 10. They brought three of their horses in addition to the miniature donkey.

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But Thankful Thursdays are also about putting money in your pocket with chances to win money. We start off with 106 cans that each have a prize ranging from $10 cash to $500 cash. Now we are down to less than 80 cans, of which, 9 of them have $500. There are other prizes as well.

We also have other ways to win with the 50/50 split and the card game that can get you $130 on the spot, and the charity gets an equal amount. It’s all fun and games, and nobody gets hurt.

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So far, in the last six years we have raised over $930,000 for great local Cheyenne charities, including last week’s charity, Wyoming Family Home Ownership Program who raised almost $13,000 for their program.


We help those who help others with Thankful Thursdays. On Oct. 6, we’re helping K9s For Mobility, come join us.

See the complete schedule here.