I don't like to throw down dares very often. The problem is people (often larger than me) will call me on it. In this case, I'm pretty confident no one will question my challenge to come up with somewhere more beautiful than Wyoming's Red Canyon. It's practically impossible.

Before I share a pretty neato video, I have to confess that Red Canyon has remained completely off of my radar. It's not like I'm a newbie here in Wyoming. My family has traveled to and through Yellowstone multiple times. Same story for the Tetons. Have cruised through Rock Springs and lived to tell about it. I'm a Wyoming ambassador. But, I have to sheepishly admit that this is brand new to me.

The Bureau of Land Management has some more details about the overlook near Red Canyon if you're interested in road tripping. It's about 24 miles south of Lander on Highway 28. They refer to it as "one of the most scenic vistas in Wyoming". They aren't wrong.

Seriously watch this gorgeous panorama shared by Al Perry and tell me there's some place prettier.

My jaw is on the floor. The greenery combined with that sandstone just makes for a view that almost qualifies as heavenly.

It's not like this is some hard to access out-of-the-way place. Next time you head toward Wind River, just veer a bit to the south and you can behold this. Hands down the prettiest part of Wyoming I have never visited. Yet.

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