There are many rivers with hidden secrets throughout Wyoming, but there is one in specific that performs a magic trick that could compare to the late great Harry Houdini.

The river is located in the Wind River Mountains just 6 miles Southwest of Lander WY. in Sinks State Park. While it is an absolutely beautiful place to visit, depending on what time of the year you go you may or may not see this river as it performs a disappearing act when things get cold in the cowboy state.

This river trickles along like most of them do until it comes to a limestone cavern that helps with the disappearing act, which was made during the ice age over 2 million years ago.

Now things get interesting. None actually knows the pathway the water takes while inside the cavern, but wherever it goes sure takes a long time to get to the other side. The cavern is 1/4 mile and it takes the water 2 hours to travel through it.

At the end of the journey through the cavern, it flows into a beautiful secluded trout pond called "The Rise".


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