What gives you peace? Is there something or somewhere you go when you need to quiet your mind? For me, I have always found my solace in the mountains. That's why I'm thrilled to be able to share more than 5 minutes of Wyoming peaks to just maybe heal you a little bit.

It doesn't seem like many people follow photographer Sergey Mishenev on YouTube yet. That's a shame because he obviously has good taste in his subject matter. He shared a little backstory behind what you're about to see:

For a photographer, Wyoming is just too much. You expect that the grandeur will end at some point so you can finally take a needed break, but it never does! So you keep on going and shooting with no end in sight. It can get you really tired so be prepared.
The lush valleys change for sharp peaks as you drive higher, vegetation changes color and sometimes looks like a high mountain tundra. Gusty wind is the only sounds I heard up there, there's nothing else. You feel absolutely alone, one on one with the mountains, a guest and a stranger. Up in the mountains you don't get as much traffic as, say, in Grand Teton, so it is all for you alone.

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Sergey didn't settle for the usual destination of Grand Teton. Nope. He did spend some quality time in the Bighorns and Wind River area though as you can see in this gorgeous montage he made.

One thing Sergey mentioned really hit home for me. He said "you feel absolutely alone, one on one with the mountains, a guest and a stranger." I left home at age 19 and the mountains were my destination. I've rarely left them during my lifetime for this simple reason. Your soul can be quiet near them. In this noisy culture we currently try to exist in, that's something you can't put a price on. Priceless Wyoming mountains.

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