Most of us will unfortunately never experience a moment like this. A Wyoming camper on his way to a backcountry stay in mountain cabins in the Bighorns came face-to-face or I should say face-to-moose on the way.

According to Mark Patterson's share on YouTube, this mighty moose moment happened as he was on his way to Spear-O-Wigwam mountain cabins in the Bighorn range. This animal is breathtaking.

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If you're familiar with your bull moose, you know that a big boy like this can weigh up to 1,500 pounds as Wikipedia documents. It also states that very few predators in the wild can rival a full-grown bull moose. Only Siberian tigers, a pack of wolves and large bears can potentially take down an animal like this. Wikipedia mentions one crazy encounter where a shark killed a bull moose who was crossing a waterway. Call SyFy, I now have a new movie idea.

It's a good thing that Mark or whoever captured this video kept their cool and maintained their distance from this large moose. Admiring it from a distance is epic, but you don't want him to suddenly pay a lot of attention to you or you likely won't make it to the mountain cabin you've rented.

What a video share by Mark. You don't get much more iconic Wyoming than this.

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