A South Dakota hunter just shared a video of one of his most epic backcountry encounters, but it didn't happen in the Dakotas. It's 2 huge bull elk that he came face-to-snout with in Wyoming's Bighorns.

Tyler Haddix shared this video of a recent adventure in our part of America. He's either using a camera with a nice zoom or a scope where he's capturing video. Even though the bull elk are obviously some distance away, you can tell that they appear to be aware of his presence.

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Tyler doesn't mention what he was hunting when he saw these two, but it obviously wasn't elk. It's not often that you get the chance to enjoy the company of animals like this.

I did some digging and learned this isn't Tyler's first dance with Wyoming bull elk. As it happens, he also shared a longer encounter he had nearly 3 years ago, too.

Appreciate outdoorsmen like Tyler sharing experiences like this that most of us can only daydream about.

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