We've all been there. Life can be a lot sometimes, right? We go through the motions and sometimes, we just need to crash wherever we're at. I'm pretty good at falling asleep on the couch watching sports(I think I inherited that). While I'm not grazing out in a field, I can feel for this Wyoming bull elk that was caught on camera having a snooze in the middle of a field.

That's pretty brave! You never know when someone is out hunting.

I also enjoy that the content creator called the elk "Steve". That's a good, strong name for a bull elk. I feel like he has an office job. You know, the white-collar type with a striped blue tie. He'd stand next to you at the water cooler saying, "working hard or hardly working?"

Anyways, here's a look at the bull elk, Steve as he snoozes out in a Wyoming field.

Poor guy. He's just trying to live his best life in Wyoming and take a nap, and someone took a video. Hopefully, his boss doesn't get mad at him for sleeping on the job, That's happened to me a time or two. That would actually be the only thing I have in common with an elk.

After seeing this, when you think about working harder today, just go ahead and remember this bull elk and take it easy. Enjoy the best things in life, or something like that. Just be the bull elk. Oh, and make sure no one films you sleeping.

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