Sharon Boender Rauenzahn and her parents, get annual visits at their homes, from a deer they have named “Tails.” And while he’s not selling subscriptions or religion, as if in a Disney movie, he looks like he might like to steal a kiss.

Here, at Bill and Rita Boender’s Pinedale, Wyoming home, the front door was open for their cat, but instead, Tails came calling on his annual visit.

It had been a year since his last visit, and while they don’t feed him, he comes into the home, seemingly oblivious to the other deer heads mounted on the walls. The family’s only concern was for their china cabinet.

Beginning four years ago, the deer that would get excited to see them and stick his tail in the air (hence, his name) would visit the neighborhood, safe from hunters in this residential sanctuary. It is good to see he survived this past, very harsh winter.

This is likely a very young Tails.

Courtesy Sharon Boender Rauenzahn

Handsome fellow indeed. Last year he paid a visit around Christmas.

Courtesy Sharon Boender Rauenzahn