You might be able to get weed delivered right to your door next year...if you live in Denver or Aurora, that is.

According to Denver7, the Denver Division of Excise and Licenses has proposed three bills that would allow for the delivery of recreational marijuana and marijuana consumption at lawful establishments.

The public is able to comment on the plans until Jan 4. If passed, Denver could issue marijuana delivery licenses as early as July 1, 2021.

Meanwhile, the Aurora City Council approved the delivery of recreational marijuana on Monday (Dec. 7) night. The council will vote on the issue again at their next meeting on Dec. 21.

However, Denver7 reports that, in the first three years, both the Denver and Aurora measures would only provide delivery licenses to people who qualify for "social equity."

In order to qualify, applicants must have been impacted by marijuana investigations through arrests or convictions, lived in an economic opportunity zone for at least 15 years, or have a household income that is lower than 50% of Colorado's median.

Denver and Aurora aren't the only cities eyeing recreational marijuana delivery. The service will be available in Longmont, Superior and Boulder beginning on Jan. 1.

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