A family that just moved to Colorado from Florida a few weeks ago had their pit bull pup stolen and then returned..from the guy who stole the dog in the first place trying to claim a reward. Talk about shady.

According to KDVR, the Wilsons had their 5-month-old puppy Kano swiped right from their backyard. Thankfully, a neighbor's ring doorbell camera caught the man in action.

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The Wilsons immediately posted pictures of their adorable pup all over social media, along with a picture of the truck the thief was driving. The next day, the Wilsons received a knock on the door

It was the man who stole the dog. He said his name was Ronnie and that he bought the dog from a stranger for $300 but his wife made him return it because there were no papers for the dog. What a con artist.

Oh, and that's not all. The man had the nerve to leave his business card with the couple in case they needed any lawn service in the future. I don't think so, Ronnie.

When Ronnie briefly left, the Wilsons came over and confirmed to them that THAT was indeed the man who came over and swiped their dog. After the watching the video, the Wilsons confronted the man when he returned.

Ronnie gave the Wilsons HIS side of the story, which I personally don't believe either, and now Englewood Police are investigating the incident further.


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