There has already been snow fall in some parts of the Cowboy State. Do you know how I know that? Nope, not because of weather reports. I saw it on WYDOT's large bank of web cameras at

The state of Wyoming does a great job keeping us all informed of the road conditions across the state. I fell into deep "research" of all of the WYDOT cameras that are offered and my "research" took up well over an hour. I didn't mean for it too, but you can see what's happening and how the road conditions are at any given moment anywhere in the state. So I ended up clicking on as many of the cameras that I could to see what's going on. The cameras are still photo's that update every couple minutes and load right onto the site.

If you are taking a road trip, hunting trip or have to travel for business during the winter, it's definitely worth your time to go check out the camera for the area you'll be travelling.  Not only does the site offer the cameras, it also offers accurate up to the minute weather information. Offering up the current temperature, relative humidity, dew point and wind speed & direction. The same goes for construction areas of the state, you can find out exactly where the construction is and even find ways to go around it before you even leave your house.

Another way technology has made it easier to live and travel safely. Next thing you know, we'll all be able to click on a website and instantly teleport to the destination of our choice.

WYDOT Live Road Cameras All Over State

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