Every year, tourists flock to Wyoming for the chance to witness majestic scenery and wildlife. For a lucky few, a visit to the Cowboy State will include bears, bighorn sheep, bison, moose...and a talking mouse.  According to a recent USA Today review, Disney's Grand Teton and Yellowstone Adventure is a real Mickey Mouse operation.

The guided week-long trip includes two attendants, who lead groups on expeditions in and around the parks. Buses play Disney-themed music throughout the journey and guests receive souvenirs with Mickey Mouse and other iconic characters.

Families spend the first two nights in Jackson, where they raft the Snake River, watch a performance at the Jackson Hole Playhouse, and stay at the Wort Hotel. From there, they explore Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park and stay at the Old Faithful Inn. The final four nights are spent at the Brooks Lake Lodge, where guests can canoe, fish, hike, and ride horses.

USA Today travel writer Arthur Levine cautions that guided tours have pros and cons.

"On the one hand, nearly everything was arranged by the company and handled by the guides, which made the experience stress-free. But the trade-off was that participants didn’t have much say in the arrangements," Levine wrote

Ultimately, Disney's Yellowstone adventure offers a level of luxury and service that few other travel outfitters can match, especially for families traveling with children. Of course, it comes at a price. Rates for the seven-day tour, including lodging and meals, start at $4,799.




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