You see it everywhere you go, cars swerving in and out of traffic.  But did you know there is a safety feature built into every modern day vehicle which can help reduce car accidents as well as possibly put an end to road rage?

An Indiana State Trooper had a bit of spare time and wanted to share an amazing feature inside your vehicle which will help you avoid getting into an accident.

We got a laugh out of it, but also realize that we are just as guilty as everyone else who chooses not to signal before changing lanes or slowing down to make a turn.  Which led us to questioning, how often do people in Wyoming use their turn signal?

A big thanks to everyone who took our very non-scientific poll and told us about your driving habits in relation to that turn blinky device in your car.  But I get the distinct feeling that there might be some disconnect between intention and what we actually do while driving.

According to our poll - 82% of you said that you 'ALWAYS use your Turn Signals'.  I don't need Maury Povich to help me determine that - that's a lie.  LOL.

11% said that they occasionally use their turn signals, while 3% said that they use their turn signals while in Heavy Traffic.

But my favorite was the one honest person who selected - I Only Use my Turn Signal when I see a Police Car!  You my friend are an honesty hero in this world of internet impurity, thank you.

Where do you stand?


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