For years, talking about how much you make has been taboo. Especially when it has to do with your coworkers. The idea that it's none of their business, or you shouldn't brag. According to a new survey from Zippia, we can throw that out the window, because we realize that by talking about our wages with coworkers, it puts us in a position to make more. Sometimes, anyway. Here are some details they found.

Discussing salary can be uncomfortable.

Finding out you make more (or less) than a coworker can be socially unpleasant and might even hurt some feelings. However, it also might help you negotiate a higher wage and know if you are being grossly underpaid.

Hidden salaries only benefit employers. Even if you are personally fairly compensated, your coworkers might not be as lucky. Lack of salary transparency can heighten gender and racial salary inequities.

So next a coworker asks how much you make, you should consider telling them. It might just make you all a bit better off.

So, as Wyomingites do we discuss our wages? If so, how much compared to everyone else? Looking around the Cowboy State, Colorado comes in at #14 for sharing their wages, Utah is #10, Nebraska and Montana both came in tied at #20. What about Wyoming? We also tied for #20.

Via Zippia
Via Zippia

The research says that 50 percent of us share our wages with our coworkers. And probably anyone at the end of the bar. What do you think? Do you share your wages? If you didn't before, will you now, try and squeeze that extra pay?

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