There's nothing of note going on today. Nope. Nothing at all. Just kidding. But I wont mention it. Here's what's trending.

Trending Nationally

CBS All Access is getting an upgrade in March as CBS will drop Paramount+, which will basically have everything CBS All Access has, but more! I think. It looks almost the same, but maybe a few more things. I'm not sold.

Murder hornets were so last year, the 2021 bug to worry about...mosquitos. There is a type of African mosquito in Cuba now that could make it's way here. Filled with all kinds of new and fun diseases. Thanks, guys

Bust our your best, "Woka Woka". Finally, The Muppet Show has made it's way to Disney+. Next month you can stream all 5 seasons.

Trending Locally

U-Haul came out with a new ranking that showed, fewer people are moving to Wyoming. As you might guess, the social media crowd upon seeing this data gave a collective, GOOD. Down to #33 from #26, it must be an offset of the Colorado refugees we get here.

According to a new study, Wyoming ranked as one of the less stressed out states in the country, with the stressor being 2020. It's kind of all lumped in together, but we pulled through with a solid, meh.

And finally, WalletHub says we're not terrible drivers! In a study, they found that Wyomingites are the 46th worth drivers in the country. Take that, everyone but four states.

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