Hello, my name is Mat and I am your official, it's almost the weekend hype man. How do you do? That's right, we've almost made it to the weekend, so Fridays On The Plaza are ahead of us, along with a lot of stuff to get us in the mood for Cheyenne Frontier Days! Let's take a look at these trending headlines first, so we can make it through the day.

Trending Locally

What's Cheyenne's favorite place to get fries? That's a loaded question, because most people have different tastes, yada yada. But, to ease the issue, why not just use Yelp? According to Yelp, the best fries in Cheyenne are from 2 Doors Down. Duh.

There is a Red Flag Warning set for today, and it's basically split down I-25 in Laramie County. To the west of the interstate, you're in the Red Flag Warning, to the east, not to so much. Fire season must be coming.

What's the best bank in Cheyenne according to locals? If you check out the Facebook Community, Cheyenne Community Connections, they'll overwhelmingly tell you Blue Federal Credit Union. 

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Trending Nationally

This is creepy, a woman from Louisiana was in a Flea Market in Kentucky and found an old painting of, well, what appears to be her! No one knows who the paint is actually of or where it came from, but it's spot on.

Black Widow is set to hit theaters tonight, but if you want to get a behind the scenes feel of the film that is set to launch Marvel's Phase Four, we have you covered. Click here.

Robert Downey Sr. passed away yesterday, father of Robert Downey Jr./Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr.'s tribute to his father was somber but he made his typical joke saying that his Dad and stepmom "by her calculations were married roughly just over 2000 years".

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