We survived the dreaded Monday. Got back to work, remembered all our passwords, probably changed some and set the gear for the rest of the week. At least we had some nice television to watch last night with the All Star Game.

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If you're ready for some live music, on top of what you get every single week it seems, but how about a music festival? How about the return of a music festival, because, ya know, Covid? Edge Fest is coming back August 28th. The full lineup for the show will announced next Tuesday.

If the Fruity Pebbles Shrimp Po Boy wasn't weird enough for you, Cheyenne Frontier Days will add some more weird fair food for their festival. Look out for the Elote Dog and Cucumber Mint Lemonade.

Not only are the Police K-9 units the best boys, they're also sporting some new gear thanks to a donation. K-9 Tyler got a new bullet and stab protective vest.

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A sealed copy of Mario 64 went for $1,560,000 at an auction. This now holds the auction for the highest price for a video game at auction. I can't believe Mario Kart on SNES hasn't gone for more.

This is super weird and gives me 90s feels. Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrences' kids are dating. Yeah, that seems right and weird at the same time, right?

Jackass 4 finally got it's name, Jackass Forever. Since this is totally going to be the final one, right? They also shared some images, one which showed Johnny Knoxville being upended by a bull.

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