If you're a Wyoming single who has used one or more of the many online or app-based dating services, what is your recommendation about them? Some give good reports on swiping right – or left. Do they read the profile instead of just swiping based on a pic?

Some, however, are uncomfortable getting together with anyone they haven’t yet met in person. There is a photo and the profile, but don’t believe everyone is who they portrayed themselves to be. Remember totally blind dates? Consider online dating only slightly better than blind. That’s not a trust issue, it’s just smart. Trust can be confirmed before a real relationship, but you’re just dating – right?

We think people from the Cowboy State are for real. It's just that everyone online wants to make a good first impression.

I recently read a npr.org report on a whole new lingo for online daters. Most of the terms were about the dishonest people. I mean the ones who don't tell you the real reason they're there. (Some do, but) a dead giveaway is the message abbreviation IRL, in real life. Usually it’s good to see that in the context of, “Let’s meet up IRL.” What’s important to remember is until you meet, you are not in real life.

This time of year online dating is huge because many are trying to follow through on a new year’s resolution to find someone. That’s great, but this is only your first step. Until then, you don’t know what you’ve found.

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