This was fairly surprising news coming out yesterday, one of the more popular spots to grab a cocktail and maybe even a comedy show in Downtown Cheyenne is closing it's doors after Friday night. According to a post on their Facebook account yesterday, Dillinger's will be leaving their current home of 1601 Central Ave in Downtown Cheyenne.

While this may feel somewhat abrupts, the local cocktail bar is planning to find a new location in Downtown Cheyenne to resume operations soon. Let's hope they're up and running in a new digs sooner than later, they're a great addition to the downtown area scene.

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The post that Ann and Ryan released felt very heart felt and humbling to the patrons of their establishment. But, at least with them planning on finding a new home, it's not so much a "so long", it's more of a "see you later".

Here's the full post that they released yesterday.

If you're like me and you've been to Dillinger's, you have some feelings about this. The owners are incredibly nice people, Ryan spent a whole Fall giving his professional football insight on KOWB's 7220 Sports Kickoff Show before every Wyoming Football game. It's just really nice to have people like that in the area.

This could be a great opportunity to find an even better spot in Downtown Cheyenne. We can only wait for the news to come through and hope that they'll at least get to be open by Summer so they can jump into the frying pan with all the tourists rolling into town.

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