It's always sad when you see a business struggling in our community, and finally having to shut its doors. Capital Quisine, who had been vocal over the past year of struggles with their business, announced via their social media account that they're going to be closing.


The current owners took over the restaurant after the previous owners sold it as they opened up their new sports bar, Ike's.

While this is a hit to the Downtown Cheyenne restaurant scene(and a great location for lunch) it does seem that businesses have stabilized more in 2022 now that we've made it through the pandemic(for the most part). So, while we hate to see this, it's at least not happening every week or month like we saw in 2020 and 2021.

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It takes a lot of guts and courage to try and make your own business. Small business really is the backbone of the economy, so you hate to see this. They didn't list when they would be closing or their potential last day, so that is still to come.


Let's hope that they're able to move on from this and find something that they're truly happy with. It's tough to run a business and you have to really feel for them.

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I'll miss walking by their shop and hearing music play and I wonder around Downtown Cheyenne. And I'll miss stopping by for lunch since they're down the street from the station.

Best of luck and I hope they find something that makes them happy in the future.

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