I can't believe how close we are to September. With that, we only have TWO more Fridays On The Plaza to attend. I'm a little nervous what life is going to look like without Fridays On The Plaza dropping great music for us each and every Friday, but I guess I'll have another week to prepare myself.

Yam Haus

These guys are an American Pop band, based out of Minneapolis. They're going to be on tour with Blue October soon, so you know these guys are legit. They have a sound that we haven't had on the plaza yet this year, and what better time as these events are starting to wind down.

Ok, I'm pretty pumped for these guys. What a fun sound, they're sure to have the Plaza rocking Friday with these fun poppy tunes.

Mr. Byrd And The Perfect Strangers

Let's bring it in for a local band. These guys play all over the place and you wont be disappointed. If you listen to Kar-Gab on KGAB, you may have gotten to hear some of their stuff when Kar-Gab host, Nick had them on the show last year.

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These guys are going to be a lot of fun on the Plaza tomorrow night. They have a great sound and local musicians are always awesome to support.

So, go ahead, get your party pants ready to toss on. This is the second to last Fridays On The Plaza for 2021, let's send it out with a bang the last two weeks!


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