How are we on our 5th Fridays on the Plaza already? This summer could really slow down a touch so we can enjoy the scenery a little more. I'm not ready to say goodbye to live music every Friday. Luckily, we have like two more months of getting to enjoy awesome music downtown and enjoy our beverages from the Depot's beer tent. It's a fundraiser, we have to.

Hazel Miller & The Collective

I'm pretty excited for these guys to come into Cheyenne. They label themselves as Soul, Blues, Jazz and Pop. That's a really good assortment for the band from Denver. Did I mention that Hazel Miller has an INCREDIBLE voice? You'll be able to see for your self below. I can't wait for her to wow us on stage.

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I'm a sucker for blues and soul music, so I think we're all going to be in for a treat when Hazel and the gang take the stage Friday Night.

Hector Anchondo

This guy is LEGIT. He's another blues player, but, man, he's good. Coming off winning the 2020 International Blues Challenge, he's ready to make us boogie in Downtown Cheyenne. Hector has a great sound, he's a guitar picker and I love that. He's got a really old school blues feeling that I think will resonate with most people. Nothing like Summertime Blues!

I think Hector Anchondo is going to surprise some people Friday night with his style of blues. That's my prediction, anyways.

As always, if you want to check out the full lineup for this years Fridays On The Plaza, you can find them here. 


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